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L'elixir Volume & Glossparfum

coppelo L'elixir removes unwanted odour and gives your hair more gloss and volume without  weighing down the hair. You can get L'elixir in two different scents. The special volume and fragrance formulation was designed for daily use and gives your hair a magical aura.




coppelo colorXpress is a special powder for daily use, which covers your hairline in the color you want. Your hair does not stick together or looks greasy. For gray coverage, out-grown hairline and to define the eyebrows: colorXpress!

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Hair Make-Up

It does not matter how you feel or which outfit you choose - we got the fitting hair make-up. With the coppelo Hair Make-up you can make every day to your own unique color play.

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The new coppelo HotFix make your hair into something special. Simply trim and affix with the flat iron. If you no longer like the HotFix, you can simply remove them!

You can get coppelo HotFix in four trendy designs: Crazy Pink, Orange Occasion, Crystal Clink and Silver Cuties. coppelo HotFix is easy to use and leaves no traces in the hair. With HotFix coppelo your hairstyle is an eye-catcher!


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The GetUp-Brushes with theit ergnonomic velvet-touch-handle is a perfect companion. Wether on your dressing table or in your purse - the unique bristles will make your hairstyle unique. The colorful design is striking - so you attract attention!

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Shining Star

The new coppelo Shining Star Shine Care Brush gives your hair a healthy look and shine through its 100% pure wild boar bristles. They absorb the naturally produced sebum of the scalp and grease and dirt are simply brushed out! The bristles simultaneously have an antistatic effect. Thanks to the round heads on the heat-resistant bristles, the hair is optimally protected.

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Flower Power

Our new brushes make a good mood on rainy mornings! With the flower shape and the rainbow-colored bristles every day begins with a smile. Peace and Love!

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